When you look good, you feel good

2 October 2016


You know that saying, “when you look good you feel good?” Well I most certainly can vouch for that. The right outfit can sometimes uplift my mood. Depending on where I am going or the occasion I want to show up.

The below outfit gives me a boost of confidence on another level. I mean have you ever walked into a room and it feels as if everyone is looking at you? and in your mind your favorite walk-in song is playing in the background?


That is how this outfit makes me feel, as if when I walk into a room and I am doing my Naomi Campbell walk with the hit song ‘bang bang’ by Ariana Grande, Jessi J & Nicki Minaj playing in my head. I know that sounds a bit crazy but that’s how good I feel when I look good. Checkout the outfit details below, I hope this look inspires a bang in your step.

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Forever new SA |Top: Coco Blue | Sunnies: YDE | Shoes: Solo Shoes SA | Chocker: Forever new SA

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