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1 December 2016

In South Africa, December time is full of festivities, especially weddings both African or traditional if you prefer and white or western weddings.

African weddings usually have a bigger attendance, literally, with people who are invited and those who just show up.

But nonetheless, Traditional weddings are more entertaining particularly if it’s a family wedding.


You get to see extended “family” you supposedly haven’t seen in like forever, (note I put family in inverted commas because half of which I don’t even know), with intoxicated people asking you if you remember them as they remember you when you were 4 years old, and are overcome by the shock of how you have turned out lol! My aunt once taught me a trick, if they ask if you remember them just nod and move on, otherwise you will go around the entire wedding with people trying to convince you of who they are and when you were 4.


The preparations that go into the traditional wedding are lengthy, prior to the main event, there is what we call “Lobolo or Magadi” which is alike to paying dowry. The groom’s family will negotiate with the bride’s family how many cows or how much money should be spent on the wedding and that’s about as much as I know.


Now, what gets my head turning are the traditional outfits, the creativity and varieties, patterns, colours, doeks (head wraps), accessories and more. The theme of the traditional outfits differ depending on the cultural style. We have Zulu, Ndebele, Tshonga, Xhosa, Pedi, Sotho and Tswana cultures. I belong to the Setswana & baSotho cultures, which essentially dresses in what we call “Seshweshwe” tribal print.


Shopping for a wedding can put a bit of a dent in your budget. I sometimes prefer to either have the outfit made as its easier on the budget or to buy an outfit that I can dress up and wear again for other events. Below is my modern traditional dress that I wore to a family wedding by a well known South African designer Khosi Nkosi, I hope this inspires you!

Outfit Details:


Dress & doek: Khosi Nkosi @ YDE| shoes: YDE | Purse: YDE| Neckpiece: Lovisa | Lippie: So Chaud Mac

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