The bold and the Ugly.

31 July 2017

Hey guys I hope you are all doing great.


This post features one of those outfits you either love or hate. When I saw this suit in store I was immediately drawn to it and wanted it as part of my personal collection, however my mind was filled with uncertainty of where I could wear and pull of such a busy piece, but nonetheless I purchased it, and I loved it. I got home ready to share my exciting find with my boyfriend who could not hide his shock and confusion, he told me straight up that he didn’t like it but as long as I have a vision for it (and that by the way is his nice way of telling me its ugly without me picking a fight), and an idea of how I would wear it. Deflated and filled with doubt, I went back to change and considered returning the suit. All of a sudden, I started to see what he was saying; I mean you can easily mistaken the material for gogo’s curtains or couches, and ever since, it stayed in my closet and never came out, but clearly I didn’t want to let it go… and Thank the heavens I didn’t!


This suit is a one of a kind find! A classic piece with a contoured design that accentuates the waist and hips. The busy prints and fine details are what gives this suit its edge. It can be worn to work, an event or even a lunch date. I paired the suit with my ‘just as busy’  knit clutch bag, a nude bra and heels as well as rose gold jewellery. This suit makes a bold fashion statement, and I am glad I kept it because when vision meets execution, the output can be mind-blowing!

Outfit Details


Suit Pants & Blazer: Zara | Bag & Shoes : Zara| Jewellery: Lovisa

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