My battle with Acne feat. Pimple Clear Target Pimples Facewash & Expert Clearing Gel from Ponds

I have been suffering from a lot of breakouts lately, which to me is an indication of harmful toxins in my body that are repercussions of unhealthy eating habits & drinking. I usually go on a detox or cleanse using various teas and eating clean, but I will share this in another post.


I must say though that this time the pimples were big and painful, I mean really painful, I hardly get such severe acne its beyond me at this point.  I confess, I am usually the type that likes fiddling with the pimples by popping them or by trying various products on them until they have subsided.


My sister suggested I try the Ponds Pimple Clear Target Pimples Facewash & Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel as these products have worked for her and maybe they could work for me too! Now I don’t need any convincing when it comes to Ponds, I have used Ponds products for over 16 years throughout my teens from age 12 right through till my adulting life (28) and I still swear by the lasting Oil Control Vanishing cream which is a staple in my daily skincare routine till this day, but an Acne Facewash & Gel? was new to me.


So we immediately went to clicks to get the Ponds Pimple Clear Face wash & Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel and decided to try them out for a month. I must admit I enjoyed using these two products, and I am still using them!


The Facewash was good on my skin, lathered well and left my skin feeling super clean and fresh! The Leave-on gel was cool on skin and basically reduced the size of my pimples until they were no more & gone! Well, not completely because I still have acne or pimple scars, but the Gel served its purpose and I am glad my pimples are gone! now I must still find a solution for my acne scars & blemishes and for that I will also be using the Perfect Colour Complex, anti-marks for natural colour which claims to fade stubborn pimple marks 😊

I got the Ponds Pimple Clear Facewash for about R53,00 and The Leave-on Expert clearing Gel for around R45,00 at Clicks.

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