It’s a MAC love Affair!

13 November 2016

Hi, my name is Ziphorah and I am a beauty product junkie…


Yes, there is no denying it especially when it comes to my favourite items in the beauty department, ‘Lipstick and Eye Make-Up’, these are my go-to items in my make-up bag. A girl can never have enough lipstick and with the wide varieties to choose from it only makes it harder if I can’t have them all. The different brands, colour shades, matte or glossy, long-wearing, liquid, shimmery, crème finishes are even more reasons why I love lipstick. Although, my love for lipstick is not something I discovered in my adult life, as a matter of fact the lipstick affair began back when I was a child, I would watch with admiration as my mom put on her make-up and then the lipstick and when my mom dressed my sister and I up she would put some lipstick on us too. (Picture below). So please note, this love runs deep, but that still does not justify the above MAC binge, which I can explain… it’s a MAC love affair!


In all fairness MAC is one of my favourite brands when it comes to all things make-up but most importantly lipstick. I recently visited the MAC store at Cresta Shopping Center where I restocked on my favourite lipsticks and got a 90-minute make-up Lesson with one of the MAC make-up consultants. I must say I learned a lot about make-up and the various looks that I can create within that short timeframe, but what I had requested was for the consultant to teach me to create a Natural made up look that I could easily replicate on my own.

The tutorial was worth it, I learned a lot and even picked up some great tips on eye make-up, contouring and highlighting as well as choosing the right shade foundation, which has always been my greatest struggle with make-up. Now I am not a big fan of Foundation; however, I can do Powder Foundation and I found my match in a different brand foundation ‘NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation in the colour soft beige no. 5’, it looks a bit light but it works and looks as natural as my skin tone which is one of the reasons why I fell in love with it, my alternative would be colour no.7 warm beige.  When it comes to contouring, and highlighting I was clueless, however the consultant taught me the basics, although I prefer to keep it natural and neutral as I am not going for a heavy contoured look.  The contour kit I use is the ‘Anastasia Beverley Hills Medium to Tan’ which I had purchased together with my first beauty blender early this year at Sephora in Seattle with the hopes of learning how to highlight and contour.


Next on the agenda was Eye make-up, Eye Liner, Mascara & Eyeshadow. For my eyes, I prefer gold and bronze eyeshadow tones which bring out the brown colour of my eyes, the MAC MUA used the ‘Tempting lustre’ eyeshadow on me which I adored! and bought together with the ‘Prep + Prime 24hr extend Eye base’ to extend the wear of my eyeshadow. I love the deep and dark gold colour of this eyeshadow. I keep my eyeliner simple and I mostly prefer the black pencil liner. The Mascara I got is the ‘MAC Extended Play Gigablack lash’, I also love my Max Factor ‘Velvet Volume False lash effect’ mascara. Finally, eyebrows, I prefer my brows to be left natural but the MUA taught me a trick when it comes to eyebrows, which is to comb them up with a brow brush and shape them with the brush, my brows did not need any filling (drawing in) as they tend to look weird if I draw on them or fill them up.


When it comes to lipstick, nothing makes a bold statement like wearing the eye catching ‘Ruby woo A36’ or toning it down with the sexy but alluring ‘Persistence A16’, these 2 are my all-time favourite MAC lip colours. I usually alternate between the two for work and weekend looks, which also depends on what I am wearing but for the below look I chose ‘Persistence’ for my lip colour. However, depending on the look, outfits and season I similarly love MAC ‘Heroine, So Chaud , Velvet Teddy & Liptensity colours! I think a post to unpack my favourite lipsticks is needed which will include but is not limited to MAC, Stila, Yardley, Revlon, loreal and more, but for now the below pictures show how I managed to replicate the look. Enjoy.

The look done with the MAC MUA

This look I managed to create on my own

Lol and this look done by my mom

Thank you Xoxo

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