Visiting the Winelands!

Does your dress code match your profession?

Working in corporate is very high pressure, high performance and demanding. As an IT professional I am sometimes expected to look or not look a certain way, I often get people tell me “oh but you don’t look like you work in IT” so tell me, how does a person in IT look?


I work in a corporate organisation where we are client facing, therefore what you do is important ...

My battle with Acne feat. Pimple Clear Target Pimples Facewash & Expert Clearing Gel from Ponds

I have been suffering from a lot of breakouts lately, which to me is an indication of harmful toxins in my body that are repercussions of unhealthy eating habits & drinking. I usually go on a detox or cleanse using various teas and eating clean, but I will share this in another post.

My Skin Care Routine & Products.

Most people who know me, know that I do not use a lot of makeup especially on a daily basis, I mean even for work! I usually wear full on makeup when I am going out to an event, doing a photoshoot or a YouTube video, but really on any ordinary day, I usually have minimal to no makeup on. By Minimal I mean my favourite lipstick, eyeliner &

2018 Lets get it!

Hi everyone, happy new year! Yes its 2018! Can you believe it? Time just moves so fast! Ten years ago I was doing my first year in Varsity you’ll 2008 – young 18 year old!... Moment please…*

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HASK Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Ever since I have been on a natural hair journey, I have been trying and testing various products to see how well they work with my hair and if I can add them to my natural hair care regimen, and some of these products are the HASK Argan oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This Shampoo & Co have quickly become one of my favourite wash day products.

A Taste Of Mauritius

This post like many others, is way overdue!! Last year at the end of October I had the opportunity to travel to Mauritius as part of our team’s incentive at work. This was a true blessing indeed! We departed in the morning at around 9am and this was a 3-hour flight

I fell in love with this dress!

In this feature I wanted to show you this simple but elegant dress that has a very timeless element about it. When I first saw this dress, I knew that liked it and it had to become part of my collection, however, I didn’t buy it immediately but instead, I decided to sleep on it and see if I really had a vision for it. Well…

My Lesotho Travel diary

I have been to Lesotho many times before for work but I have never had as much fun visiting and working as I did this time around and thought I should share briefly about my experiences

Hello Spring!


Early this year I was weighing my heaviest at a whopping 76.6kgs. I don’t want to sound like I am making excuses but, this was due to a number of reasons such as busy work life with no time to cook and when I get home the easiest thing to do would be to order takeout’s, stopped training at the Gym when my personal trainer stopped working there and became accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. But ...


This post features one of those outfits you either love or hate. When I saw this suit in store I was immediately drawn to it and wanted it as part of my personal collection, however my mind was filled with uncertainty of where I could wear and pull of such a busy piece, but nonetheless I purchased it, and I loved it.

Whether its a Jean, denim skirt, dungaree paired with either a Denim top or jacket, denim on denim is one of those styles that will not stop trending. Denim on denim still has a somewhat retro vibe which arouses an 80’s feeling but with the different shades, materials, colours and styles this fashion trend is always being re-invented from generation to generation.

Winter has got to be my favourite time of year, even though I was born in summer, the tummy warming food, cosy weather, and longer nights (all this sounds like a recipe for weight gain) are enough for me to fall in love with this chilly season, but nothing excites me as much winter fashion.

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