“Happy Girls are the Prettiest”

6 November 2016


Now everyone that knows me knows that I am a drama queen of note…! Lol no I’m only kidding. I can be quite a handful, but on most days, I am the happiest girl in the world, I mean who am I to complain when I am blessed, loved and alive! I have learnt that the state of being you are in is by choice, really, happiness is a choice! I know it sounds so cheesy but think of it this way, you and I are bundles of energy, both positive and negative. When interacting with and in the presence of others you exchange these energies. When you interact with someone who is negative or in a bad mood you inherit a bit of that energy which can consume you and or become quite draining, however, when in the presence of someone happy it becomes infectious just like laughter, besides frowning is not cute, so go on queens and spread the love, after all we have nothing to lose but everything to gain!!

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