How to handle blue Mondays with style

9 October 2016

I sometimes find myself stuck, when it comes to choosing what to wear for work especially on a Monday. Oh, Monday! How I love and loathe thee all at once. But Mondays no longer ought to be blue, I believe how you start off on a Monday can set the tone for the rest of the week whether its work, health, or even fashion. A simple way I manage to beat the Monday blues is by pre-planning my outfit for the next day the night before. I know this can be a lot of work, but trust me it saves me a lot of time when getting ready in the morning. Below I share one of my favourite outfits fit for a blue Monday. I hope the below inspires you to brighten up your week!

Outfit Details:


Skirt : Foschini SA | Top : Woolworths SA | Shoes : Solo Shoes SA | Accessories: Lovisa

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