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The reason why I decided to start a style blog is not only because I love Fashion and beauty, but also because I wanted a platform where I can share my personal style story, struggles and the various ways in which I assemble my outfits and hopefully inspire and learn from others.

I don’t believe in spending a lot on an outfit that I am only going to wear once. I enjoy coming up with different ways of styling items of clothing in my wardrobe, I mean adding a different shoe, blazer, or even accessories to an item of clothing can change the entire outfit. Therefore, I will be sharing the diverse fashions in which I re-style and wear my outfits for work, leisure and everyday wear.


My name is Ziphorah Mosimane, I am 26-year-old Stylista from Johannesburg South Africa. My interests are in Fashion, beauty, music, travel and entrepreneurship. I love good cup of coffee, wine, lipsticks, shoes, blazers and coats. My 9 - 5 is in the IT Profession I work at Microsoft in South Africa.

 I love to express myself through what I am wearing and I also believe it says a lot about how I am feeling at that point in time. I have come a long way in terms of finding a style I like and that I am comfortable with, it has not always been so easy especially during times when I felt like my body shape is difficult to dress. I have a curvy body type and I find that certain items fit me well and others are just not for my body, case in point “boyfriend jeans”, I am yet to find a pair of BF jeans that are the ‘right fit’ and accommodate my African behind.


Connect with me as I continue to learn more about myself through this journey, I hope I can inspire you and learn from you too.


Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my style story.




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