2018 Lets get it!

Hi everyone, happy new year! Yes its 2018! Can you believe it? Time just moves so fast! Ten years ago I was doing my first year in Varsity you’ll 2008 – young 18 year old!... Moment please…*


Anyway I hope you all have a blessed year ahead, the new year is always filled with hopes and dreams or new year’s resolutions, I actually like resolutions, I liken New year resolutions to goals and I make them so that I can stay true to myself but the trick for me is to not tell anyone!, yes I prefer to keep quiet whilst slowly working towards my dreams and goals because sometimes I feel like people will try to discourage you, criticise or always have something to say be it good or bad and sometimes opinions are a cheap commodity, damaging to the ear. I heed my own personal counsel whilst quietly working on my goals in my own lane at my own pace and while I’m at it looking as good as ever of course! I am going back to work and this dress will be my 2018 debut to a fearless and confident young woman! Cheers to 2018! May it be all we have dreamt of and more!

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Earrings: Lovisa | Bag & Shoes: Zara  | Bodysuit: MrpFashion | Dress: StyleAlert

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